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...local people with tender, caring hearts.



As a family member or other responsible party, you will have already made arrangements for meeting the daily care needs of your loved one, such as bathing, dressing and nutrition.  However, their full quality of life is determined by many things that go beyond those basic needs. Perhaps the most important of those is affectionate touch and companionship. Sometimes your loved one just needs someone to be there as a tender, compassionate friend, offering the same type of warm, caring  attention and touch that you would. 

If you're the person receiving care, you may sometimes feel isolated and lonely and would really like a friendly, caring hug or conversation. In addition, people with disabilities often do not receive the tender touch and affection we all need.


Tender Gig Providers are trained professionals who offer vital human contact within defined, ethical boundaries, such as affectionate hugs, rubbing of feet, brushing hair, holding hands while watching TV, etc., all done in a strictly non-sexual manner. Tender Gig Providers are also available to stay in touch via phone calls and/or text messages, offering appropriate affectionate attention.

Tender Gig professionals are not home healthcare providers or housekeepers, and do not provide help with the Client's activities of daily living. Instead, Tender Gig Providers focus on the higher level needs, such as love, belonging, and self-esteem. Read about this by clicking on the 'MASLOW'S HIERARCHY OF NEEDS' button below.

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Tender Gig offers an opportunity for its carefully selected Providers to earn a better than average wage, and for its Clients to receive friendly and affectionate companionship at affordable rates. Tender Gig is designed for compassionate people who like making new friends and who are comfortable offering affectionate touching and gentle companionship. We hand select companions who match your personal interests and requests.

Maslow's Hierarchy of needs

Tender Gig understands...


...the universal human need - often underestimated - for kind, personal attention and appropriate, caring touch. Everyone craves and needs this vital human connection.

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...tender companions in your area. To become a Tender Gig Provider, or if you're interested in hiring a Companion, click the 'CONTACT US' button below.